Jan 14 2020

Simon W Rosenberg D, lumineers.



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Comprehensive Dental Care — “We Treat You Like Family!”

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I practice with you, the patient, in mind. My Upper East Side New York City office is dedicated to your comfort and convenience and you will receive modern, preventive dental care in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere.

We provide comprehensive dental care based on my training and 30+ years experience as a prosthodontist focused on Cosmetic Dentistry. As more data emerges on the connection between Dental Health and Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Cancer, my staff and I help my patients achieve and maintain healthy gums and periodontal conditions.

“Improving Smiles and Dental Health, One Patient at a Time”

You will be interested to find out about my approach, which may be different from what you have experienced.

Prosthodontists are specialists in the restoration and replacement of missing teeth. As a Prosthodontist, I take great care and pride in providing my patients with cosmetically attractive and natural-looking teeth that restore function as well as beauty. With over 30 years of clinical practice including years of rigorous post-doctoral training and teaching other dentists, I bring a unique understanding of the dynamics of a smile, what it means to you and what range of dental care modalities can achieve a beautify result that will last for years.

I use elements of a smile to enhance my patients overall appearance whenever possible, whether you are being seen for routine cleanings and checkups or for a complete smile makeover (or anywhere in between.) Clinical judgment – based on the best available scientific evidence combined with meticulous clinical skill, provides restoration of a beautiful smile that stands the test of time.

I am happy to provide general and cosmetic dentistry but I also practice my specialty of prosthodontics including crowns, bridges, partial and complete dentures and implants. My training and 15 years of hospital-based practice involves maxillofacial prosthetics and dental oncology. I treat all family members, including children, and accentuate preventive dentistry since returning to New York City in 1978 and opening this Upper East-Side Manhattan office in 1989.

You will find that I emphasize a prevention-oriented oral medicine approach to care. Your initial examination includes a review of your medical history, a clinical examination for head and neck cancer or oral pathology, a periodontal (gum disease) evaluation and clinical charting of teeth, restorations (fillings) and problems such as decay or periodontal disease. After this examination, we will determine what x-rays are indicated for your care. A treatment plan will then be formulated and discussed with you.

You should visit my modern office and see how we are staffed and equipped to provide service with a warm and personal touch. You will feel reassured by our infection control procedures, which include autoclave sterilization of all handpieces and instruments, use of masks and gloves, etc.

“Every Tooth In A Man’s Head Is More Valuable Than A Diamond” — Miguel De Cervantes (1547-1616)

We think of our patients as members of our Extended Family. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our practice to help you better understand about dentistry and how you can feel comfortable selecting us to provide your dental care. There’s lot’s of information here and I hope you will Browse around the site using the Navigation Bar on the left or clicking on any of the underlined blue links.

If you have a specific question you would like to ask, Fill in the form below with your name and e-mail and I will reply by return email. I have replied with info to people throughout the US as well as numerous other countries.

Our Mission Statement

Good dentistry is more than our excellent clinical skills

and state-of-the-art technology.

Establishing relationships with our patients

based upon trust and communication is our hallmark.

Our highly skilled team is completely dedicated to treating you

your family with the finest quality care.

you can achieve the benefits of a happy and

healthy smile that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

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