Jan 14 2020

Dental Plans for Families, Individuals, Groups, Students and Seniors, dental care insurance plan.

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Over 10 million satisfied members since 1979

Dental care insurance plan

Referred my friends, very happy with the plan!

Dental care insurance plan

PatriciaBerwyn, PA

Saved $1,500 on my crowns and I am very happy.

Dental care insurance plan

DuWayneEastpointe, MI

Plan really works and i’m happy to have it.

Dental care insurance plan

DannyFort Wayne, IN

So happy w/plan it helped me a lot w/dentures.

Dental care insurance plan

PamelaVilas, NC

The dental plan helped me so much on dental.

Dental care insurance plan

PeggyMonterey, CA

I had a lot of dental work done and is very happy.

Dental Plans Details //truedental

The Dental Plans offered by True Dental Discounts are alternatives to dental insurance. Here are some features of the dental plans you can join:

  • Save 20-60% on dental care.

  • Access to over 100,000 dentists nationwide.

  • Fast plan activation with no waiting periods.

  • Easy to use, just show your card and save.

  • No limits, use the card as often as needed.

  • Save on specialty care such as orthodontics and periodontics.
  • Dental care insurance plan

    Dental Cost Calculator

    Find out your expected annual dental care costs and see how much a dental plan can save you.

    Dental care insurance plan

    Find a Dentist Near Me //truedental

    From general dentists to a wide variety of highly trained dental specialists. Below are just some of the many features our provider search has to offer for your searching convenience.

    • Search for a dentist by zipcode, name or phone.

  • Search for a general dentist, endodontist, and more.

  • Search for a dentist by dental plan.

  • Find an affordable dentist in your location.

  • Select a dentist by the distance closest to you.

  • Get dentist details, address, or phone.

  • Print directions to the dentist in the network.

    Use the form provided to search for a participating dentist in your area.

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