Jan 14 2020

Colorado Group Dental Insurance and Dental Plans – Beta Health Association Colorado, dental and health insurance plans.

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Dental Plans and Dental Insurance

With an extensive selection of dental plans, dental products, and carrier partnerships, Beta Health Association, Inc. provides leading dental solutions to group, employers, individuals and families.

Affordable Individual & Family Dental

Affordable and flexible dental plan choices for you or your family. Starting at $13 a month with no waiting periods and options to save up to 70% on dental care!

Broker and Agent Partnerships

We partner and work with brokers and agents nationwide, offering customized dental solutions for both clients and producers.

High Quality and Exceptional Service

Beta Health Association, Inc. is a leading benefits solutions company proudly serving our members, providers and partners since 1990!

Dental and health insurance plans

Group Employer Dental Plans

With options for both dental insurance or network (discount) dental plans, we have a dental plan to meet your organization’s dental care needs. Our customizable employer sponsored to voluntary dental plans offer flexible solutions and coverage for small or large groups.

Dental and health insurance plans

Individual Family Dental Plans

We offer low cost dental plans for individuals and families through All of our dental plans offer excellent benefits at low costs for entire families. From cleanings to major dental procedures, our dental plans offer significant savings, have no waiting periods, and include options for orthodontics.

Dental and health insurance plans

Dental Providers Dentists

Our dental networks provide access to quality, licensed dentists and dental specialists using a credentialing process to ensure providers meet our high standards. With provider locations nationwide and throughout Colorado, our dental networks offer highly accessible dental care.

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